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Our Advanced NDT experts provides Computerised Radiography (CRT) services.

CRT is the Digital replacement of conventional radiography using photo-stimulated luminescence screens to capture X-ray images. Through its reusable and flexible cassettes, it converts the stored images into digitalised images, providing high quality images that can be post processed for evaluation.

Theses advanced technologies meet new NDT standards and codes like ASME and ASTM. Below are our services provided and advantages of advanced CR inspection programmes. 

  • Weld Examinations

  • Profile Shots for Thickness

  • Corrosion damage evaluation

  • Saving time in processing repeated films and avoiding repeated exposures

  • Limited exposures enabling safer environment and faster processing

  • Digitalisation of reports and inspection data 


Above mentioned advantages and inspection benefits altogether result in customers’ cost reduction and improvement in turn-around time during their critical project deadlines.

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