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In its transition towards Industry 4.0 and adding greater value to its clients across various industries, Masterscan Engineering Pte Ltd has invested extensively into UAV solutions. By having a subsidiary partnership with HoverSurv Technologies Pte Ltd, Mastercan Engineering Pte Ltd has been providing a suite of services.

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Our Story

With a strong aviation background, we offer a one stop solution with

unparalleled expertise. With experience in various industries, we are able to adapt to client’s needs seamlessly. With regards to NDT technicalities, we have a team of 7 level 3 certifiers to tap into.


Our mission is to maximise the potential of drones in-terms of their capabilities to satisfy the most complex of client’s requirements.

Advantages of UAV Solutions



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Confined Space Inspections

We use the Flyability Elios 2 from our fleet, to safely perform confined space drone inspection in Singapore. These areas include Jurong Island as well as other industrial areas.

We keep our confined space drone inspection services cost to a minimum due to our swift operations which are made possible by our team of skilled pilots and certified in-house NDT Inspectors. 


This will also significantly reduce the human risk factor with the use of drones during inspection. 

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Facade Inspection

We employ drones, eliminating the need for extensive rope access and other high rise building risk associated with façade inspection. 


Some of the applications include using drones for smart building inspection services where we are able to perform safe and cost effective facade inspection of HDB building, as well as commercial buildings in Singapore.


In addition to inspection, we also provide aerial mapping, roof survey and condo inspection services.

UTG Inspection

Certain structures can be hard to reach or require extensive rope access. And even then, there is always an element of risk involved. Drones can reach heights in seconds, which takes an inspector an hour to reach. Additionally, drones can reach places where no human can. We have in-house inspectors who are trained in using the Multigauge 6000 for accurate thickness readings. Coupled with our trained CAAS approved pilots, we are able to provide you with cost effective Wireless Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Drone Solutions.

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Thermal Inspections (Thermography)

Thermal Imaging or Thermography is often used to detect differences in the design temperature of a structure versus the current temperature. Thermal Imaging gives us vital information about the exact temperature on the surface of a structure.


With the use of Thermal Imaging in conjunction with drones, one can easily detect any thermal run offs or infrared hot-spots which are not supposed to be there in the first place. This could be due to leakage of hot gases or electrical overloading which may otherwise could not be detected by using traditional inspection methods.

Photogrammetry Mapping

With the rise of payload capability and endurance, our fleet of drones can carry out photogrammetry scanning of a terrain. This scan is used to construct an accurate digital twin that Engineers can confidently base their decisions on. In the Oil and Gas industry, highly accurate photogrammetry models can be used to quickly and effectively update outdated piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) plans of the site. In the Construction industry, photogrammetry models can be used to carry out accurate studies of the excavated land area.

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Long Range & Endurance Solutions

Multi-Rotors are not able to sustain operations for more than 45min with the current battery technology. We understand that there may be requirements for our clients to sustain prolonged flight to accomplish long range missions. We offer Custom Fixed-Winged Solutions based on the nature of your requirements.

Customised Drone Solutions

We are able to customise your drones for any form of operational use and requirements of your organisation. Be it accessing a tiny small space to carrying a heavy piece of equipment 100feet into the air, we can do it for you in a competitive market.

Why Us.

We have a dedicated team of experienced CAAS approved pilots with great flight planning, risk assessment and skills to ensure Aerial Flights are done safe and efficient.


By passing Marine Class Audits, we are approved under DNV and Lloyd’s Register classes to perform Remote Visual Inspections using Drones.


We meet all CAAS regulations and requirements and are covered by Public Liabily insurance for up to 1M. 

RESIDENTIAL / Commercial

OIL & Gas
assets inspections


Construction Site
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