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Our Advanced NDT experts provide Digital Radiography (DR) services.

Digital radiography (DR) is an advanced x-ray inspection which produces real time digital radiographic image on a computer. Through usage of x-ray sensitive panels to capture data during inspection, data is transferred to a computer immediately in an image form. As such it improves testing efficiency by having real time imaging (DRT) , Shorter exposure time, increased speed and productivity, Digital images and data storage & Improved detectability

Theses advanced technologies meet new NDT standards and codes like ASME and ASTM. Below are our services provided and advantages of advanced CR inspection programmes. 

  • Weld Examinations

  • Profile Shots for Thickness

  • Corrosion damage evaluation

  • Saving time in processing repeated films and avoiding repeated exposures

  • Limited exposures enabling safer environment and faster processing

  • Digitalisation of reports and inspection data 


Above mentioned advantages and inspection benefits altogether result in customers’ cost reduction and improvement in turn-around time during their critical project deadlines.

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